Psalm 62:8 “Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us.”

Here we have David’s exhortation to others to trust in God and wait upon him, as he had done. Those that have found the comfort of the ways of God themselves will invite others into those ways.

(1.) To confide in God: Trust in him; deal with him, and be willing to deal upon trust; depend upon him to perform all things for you, upon his wisdom and goodness, his power and promise, his providence and grace. Do this at all times. We must have a habitual confidence in God always, must live a life of dependence upon him, must so trust in him at all times as not at any time to put that confidence in ourselves, or in any creature, which is to be put in him only.

(2.) To converse with God: Pour out your heart before him. The expression seems to allude to the pouring out of the drink-offerings before the Lord. But here it is meant of prayer, which, if it be as it should be, is the pouring out of the heart before God. We must lay our grievances before him, offer up our desires to him with all humble freedom, and then entirely refer ourselves to his disposal, patiently submitting our wills to his: this is pouring out our hearts.

What encouragement he gives us to take this good counsel: God is a refuge for us, not only my refuge, but a refuge for us all, even as many as will flee to him and take shelter in him.


~ Taken from Matthew Henry’s Commentary~


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