Watch…wait & you will understand

As you read the Christmas story one can only imagine the effect on Mary’s life once she had conceived Christ through the Holy Ghost. She herself was also looking for Savior to come. And as the Shepherds spread the news of Christ’s birth the Bible mentions that “she kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Jesus was her son but yet, he was also her Savior. She did know yet what that would mean. In the Temple as an older boy, Jesus surprised his teachers at how much he knew. And when Jesus said, “I must be about my father’s business, “ the Bible mentions that she “kept these sayings in her heart.” Mary was given glimpses of the future but she did not understand them.

As you study God’s word you realize that this didn’t happen just to Mary. David as he was fleeing Saul also pondered the words of others in 1 Samuel 21 as they made mention of his valor when he killed Goliath. Before he had killed Goliath, he found out that he was going to be the next king of Israel. I’m sure he wondered, “If I’m to be the next king, why do I have to hide from my own people?” Jacob observed the words of his son Joseph as he told his dream to the family which later did come true. His brothers became angry and his father took note of what he said. Then there are the people who had the privilege of witnessing miracles from Luke 9:43 performed by Jesus himself. They were amazed at his power and “wondered every one at all things which Jesus did.”

In Luke 9:44 God says something to teach us, as always. He said, “Let these sayings sink down into your ears.” God gives us glimpses of the future or he shows us a piece of the puzzle of our lives early. We sometimes don’t understand or know how that piece is going to fit in the whole picture. So what are supposed to do with the piece until we understand? Do what Jesus commanded the disciples. Let his “sayings” or words sink into your ears. Take that piece of the puzzle or glimpse of the future and ponder about how God is going to make it fit into the puzzle of your life. And while you watch with excitement how God is going to work, let his words dwell in you richly. Don’t ponder the puzzle piece, ponder Christ. Replay his words in your heart by reading his Word each day until he takes that piece of the puzzle, fits in to the story of your life, and then you finally understand.


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