When to Sit Still

Scripture Reading: II Chronicles 20:1-30
Text: Isaiah 30:7 “…Their strength is to sit still.”

Stand still when you are personally being attacked

II Chron. 20:17 Ye shall not need to fight in this battle; set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem, fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them; for the Lord will be with you.

A great multitude of armies had come against Judah while good king Jehoshaphat was reigning. Jehoshaphat set himself to seek the Lord for guidance and God sent him a prophet by the name of Jahaziel who gave him instructions from the Lord. Jahaziel told Jehoshaphat some specific instructions and included in those instructions is this command to “stand ye still.” God was going to do something special and they were to go down to the battle with their singers leading the way praising the Lord and when they encountered the enemy they were to stand still and watch and see what God would do. They were not to engage in combat for God would do the actual fighting for them. When they got to the battle God confused the enemy and they fought each other and destroyed each other. Judah never had to lift a hand in defense!! So it is when we are attacked personally. We should not defend ourselves but allow God to defend us, however He will. If you are serving the Lord there will at times come personal attacks on your character and reputation. It is very difficult to remain quiet at those times but that is where God must and will, in due time, defend you. We must be careful to distinguish between attacks on a position or an office and a personal attack on our character. Paul defended his apostleship when it was questioned but when Jesus was questioned about His character and Who he was by Pilate and Herod, He refused to defend Himself for He was “like a Lamb before the slaughter and like a sheep before his shearers is dumb.” Someone has said that we are responsible for our character while God is responsible for our reputation. Character is what I am; reputation is what others think I am. A man whose life is charactered will not have to defend it for it will speak for itself and God will in His time defend him. Don’t try to go around telling everybody how important you are and what you are going to do. Just work on being right with the Lord and being obedient and God’s people, and the people who really count (your family and friends) will be behind you. By the way, if they are not, it may be that you have some work to do in the character department! But be still when your enemies attack you. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.”

Questions to Ponder:

1. What usually happens when you try to defend your character?

2. If we please the Lord, (and remember we please Him most by becoming like His Son) the people who also desire to please the Lord will be pleased also.


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