Be Real!

When I was around 18 or 19, I got a job with Mr. Johnny Turner. He framed houses for a living. Actually, he is one of the best at his craft.  I remember my first day at work. I showed up with my brown bag for lunch, t-shirt, cut-off shorts, and tennis shoes. That first day I walked around looking at all the men who were working and they had boots, jeans, cool lookin’ shirts, and the coolest thing was around their waist, the tool belt. They looked like they came right out of a gun slingin’ Western. I went home that day and told my dad what I needed and over the weekend I got ready for Monday.

I came to work with my boots (which I stepped in some mud puddles and scuffed them up a little) had my jeans (501’s) got a shirt that I had seen one of the men wearing (cut the sleeves off…shhh don’t tell mom) and the coolest thing was the belt. It had a tape measure on it, with a chalk box (blue chalk). I t had a pouch for the nails, one for the screws, one for whatever I wanted. Then to top it all off hangin’ on my hip like Colt 45 six shooter, was my 16 ounce hammer. Man I was ready. I came around the corner of the building and a man on the roof yelled at me and said, “Hey, cut this for me!” he told me the measurements and tossed me the piece of board. I looked around hoping I could give it to someone else but no one was coming. He yelled down again, “Hey, today would be nice! (With a few other words I can’t print)”. I walked to the table saw and just stood there. I was like a deer in head lights! ‘Hey’ he yelled again, ‘Aint you a carpenter? The truth was out. I was remembering the old saying, “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck”. Well, I couldn’t even waddle much less quack.

I share this with you because I am afraid we have people that are in our churches that look like a believer, walk like one, and maybe could even talk like one but they aren’t. Our Lord could spot them coming and He let them know who and what they were. Those that sing in the choir, or teach a Sunday School class, or do the nursery, or maybe even preach, they have everything that anyone could look at and say that they are a believer, yet they are missing one thing, Christ! We all love it when we see the word on certain things we buy, “genuine ______”. Are we really genuine or do we have all the trimmings but are missing the main ingredient. No one likes a fake, I found that out that day of work.

Matthew 7 tells us that many will say that they know Christ and did many wonderful things for Him but if they have never realized their need of Him, confessed Him as King of their life and put away the things of this world to honor and glorify Him, He will say to them “Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you!” Be real! Know Him! Let those around you see what a genuine believer looks, walks, and talks like. Have a great Treasure Day!


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