Herod’s Empty Palace

John 1:9-13

Contrary to rabbinic speculation, Messiah was not born in Herod’s royal palace near Bethlehem.  He was born in a rude stable in Bethlehem.  There was no room for Christ in the inn (Luke 2:7); in the world (John 1:10); in Israel (John 1:11); Is there room in your heart for Him (John 1:12-13)?

He is THE WAY – but they did not follow Him; He is THE TRUTH – but they did not believe in Him; He is THE LIFE – and they crucified Him.

If the Lord Jesus were walking among us today, would we treat Him any differently than they did back then?  The Gergesenes were more concerned about Jesus destroying their unclean pigs than they were about Jesus delivering and cleansing two tormented me (Matthew 8:28-34).  So they pleaded with Him to depart.

Rabbi, begone!
Thy powers bring loss to us and ours;
Our ways are not as thine
Thou lovest men – we swine.


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