A Farewell

I wanted to use my devotion today to say ‘farewell’ to a dear friend and fellow-laborer.

Curtis Tomlin will spend his final Sunday at Tabernacle doing the same thing he has done for years: being a faithful musician. Before I came, Curtis was juggling both the music program of the church and school as well as being our Academy administrator. This is too much for one man, and so, I was asked to relieve him in his church related tasks. We moved to VAB in 2008 and have loved it here since. It is easy to look at a thriving ministry and want to take all the credit, but I am aware that our music here at Tab is the result of a long line of faithful men who have worked hard and long to hand it down to the next in line.

Curtis is one of those men. He has been both a valuable mentor and a loyal friend. I will miss him. I hope to be the next in line; to honor both the Lord and Curtis’s labor here by leaving this ministry in good shape for the man who will take my place.  I am sad to see the Tomlins leave, as it will leave a hole for us to try to fill musically. Conversely, I am excited to see yet another faithful family guided by the loving hand of God to their next field of service. My prayer for the Tomlins is that they will remain faithful, humble and pliable to God’s will. I know that the church they are moving to in Florida will be greatly blessed to have these choice servants. We have been blessed for so many years. Tomlins, I think I speak for all the staff and membership of TBM when I say, “I love you, I will miss you, and I will pray for God’s continued blessing on your lives and ministry as you continue to walk close to him.”



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