Apples Of Gold

Recently my wife, Dotty and I were at the Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was time for a little “R and R” that we all like and need. This is beautiful country and one is compelled to meditate on Him and His Word. The laid back, do nothing schedule allows for short walks and deer watching. We watched some deer feeding on the grass and apples that were available. There were two does. one yearling and a buck.

Three of the deer were enjoying God’s wonderful provision of apples. They were readily available for the evening meal. The buck was off by himself shaking the tree branch trying to get an apple. The ground was full of them. God had provided. We talked about why he was not enjoying the fruit that was there for him. He was working for that which had been made available to him. We drove away thinking “how could he miss the table God had set for him?”

My prayer for us today is that we will not shake the trees of this world looking for what God has provided in His Book. The trees of this world offer nothing of value. A life could be wasted in the pursuit of vanity.  Let’s take time to see God and His hand of mercy and provision. With this provision let’s say with Paul in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Don’t shake the trees, search the Book.


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