Soaring Above the Clouds

Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

~ Psalm 36:5

Our son had been accepted into the Oklahoma City University School of Law. There was a ton of joy and excitement when the acceptance letter came. We, like any other American family, were both glad and sad.  We had trusted God and knew He would provide. God revealed Himself in wonderful ways as we shall see.

We packed a medium sized u-haul trailer and every available inch of space in a Mercury Marquis.  It was decided that Joel and I would make the trip out by car, and I would fly back. Dotty would stay home and pray for our safe trip. I always need prayer to fly. Before leaving early that August morning, we went through the hugs, kisses, and tears.

That day on the road, we talked about a lot of things including the goodness of God.  Father and son were sharing quality time as we traveled from Virginia Beach to Memphis, Tennessee.  Joel was driving as we exited Route 40 and entered the parking lot of the motel. There was the first blessing from God. The lady that managed the motel was from Muncy, PA, my home town. She was a close friend of my Mother. Joel and I went to bed that night amazed that God had us stop at that particular motel.

We made the rest of the trip and moved Joel into his apartment. It was soon time for my departure and emotions were running very high. It was going to be hard to leave him in Oklahoma. During breakfast, Joel and I had a serious talk, and then I was off to the airport. When I left after the hugs and tears, I walked to the plane. I went to my seat, and I could still see him in the airport. It was a very emotional time. In my sadness, it seemed, although never a reality, that God had deserted me. I felt alone, and I had left my boy there alone. I prayed for him and for a safe flight for me. We couldn’t turn back.

We taxied out to the runway and were soon airborne. The pilot took us up to about 40,000 feet, and I looked out the window, and there was another blessing. The plane was above a beautiful sea of fluffy white clouds. The brightness of the sun shining on the clouds was only possible by His power. As I looked out over the beauty of his creation, that still small voice seemed to say, “All is well, I am here with you.” I wrote this on January 8, 2010, and the Christian radio station was playing the song, “He was there all the time.” God continues to make His presence known.

Be still with me for a moment.  Let God’s brightness and presence assure your soul that all is well. Read and Study 2 Samuel 22:1-12.


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