Ministry Highlight: The Choir


Editor’s Note: This article is one in an occasional series highlighting various ministries of service.  

Every church is a multi-faceted, living body. It is comprised of many ministries that can make it a vibrant and functioning entity. Each ministry is vital to the life of the church just as each part of our body is important to keep us alive and functioning properly. Music, specifically choir, is one of those ministries. It is unique in several ways. It is one of the visible ministries of the church, though no more important than those who are pray warriors, serve in the nursery, clean the church, or mow the lawn. It is a group effort that requires practice time and often juggling of schedules. It is also a ministry that has individual as well as corporate benefit. The analogy has often been used of our life being a sponge. We absorb things and get full; choir is an opportunity to drain ourselves of those things for the benefit of others. The Bible records that when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, David played his harp and Saul was refreshed, was well, and the evil spirit departed from Saul. The Bible also records a time when music did not have the desired result. In Exodus when Moses was coming down from the mount with the tables he heard what he thought was the noise of war, but it was actually the Israelites singing. They were having a worship service – to the golden calf. Musicians have a huge responsibility to use music so that it will minister to those that hear it. We must be good stewards of those talents so that we will refresh those to whom we minister, and not be construed as the “noise of war”.

The choir of Tabernacle Baptist church averages about 35 singers. We sing in the Sunday morning and evening services as well as nightly during special meetings, mission’s conference or Bible conference. We also do a cantata for Christmas and a special program for either Easter or July 4th. Psalm 40:3 – And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord. The purpose of the choir is that many shall see the Lord in our ministry and shall trust in Him.


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