Canadian Law School Opposed

imageEditor’s Note: This post is intended to inform readers of current events relative to Biblical Christianity.  In no way does posting this article imply the endorsement, criticism, or support for any individual, corporation, or institution.  Relevant links to the news story are at the end of the post.

Canada’s First Christian Law School Opposed over Gay Lifestyle Ban: 

Trinity Western University’s community covenant would be “fundamentally incompatible” with Canadian core values, argue law school deans.

by Melissa Steffan

For more than a year, Trinity Western University (TWU) has been attempting to start Canada’s first Christian law school, a proposal that the Canadian Council of Law Deans finds “very troubling.”
The Canadian Council of Law School deans recently issued a letterstating that TWU’s “community covenant” unfairly discriminates against gay, lesbian, and bisexual students—and that discrimination is “fundamentally incompatible” with the core values of Canadian law schools and of an equal society, the National Post reports.TWU’s covenant is a lifestyle code signed by all students, staff, and faculty. It asks that those who sign the code abstain from homosexual relationships. It also asks them to refrain from gossip, lying, smoking and consuming alcohol.

TWU president Jonathan Raymond has responded to the law deans in a letter of his own, according to the Vancouver Sun. Raymond argues that TWU’s covenant is “consistent with federal and provincial law.”

This is not the first time TWU has dealt with questions about its community covenant. The school was denied accreditation over its community covenant, but a 2001 Canadian Supreme Court ruling “upheld the right of Trinity Western’s teacher training program to apply the community covenant to bar homosexual relationships.”

The full article may be found here.


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