His Thoughts Are Greater

4667.jpgIsaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”

Once when our son was eleven years old, our family went out with our former choir director and his wife to see a school musical.  It was West Side Story and it was held in the auditorium of a local public high school.

Now our son has high functioning autism, which is a communication disorder.  He had been to plays with me before, when our homeschooling group took in various children’s productions.  But this was probably his first play where the audience was mainly adults.

Such is the nature of our son’s disability that I always think I have adequately prepared him for something new . . . and often find out I have not!

After the play ended, Joey was inconsolable, which is unusual for him.  He is not a crier.

I gave him a hug and asked what was making him so sad.

Joey said the play was sad, then added, “Mom, how are they going to do this play two more times this weekend?”

I said, “The very same way they just did it, Joey.”

He looked me straight in the face and asked, “Where are they going to come up with new actors to play Tony and the others who died?”

Whoaaaaaa, I suddenly realized no one had specifically prepared Joey to see death on stage, and to realize it was not real.  What an omission on our part!

Isn’t it just the same way with God and His thoughts and ways?  Don’t we go along thinking things have died because they appear to be dead to us?  Don’t we see other things that appear to be thriving and start believing that they are so much more alive than they really are?

And this can be a problem when it concerns good and evil.  We might see good things go dormant, like seed falling into the ground when it is planted, and we might assume that they are gone forever.

We might see evil things that appear to be triumphing and start believing they will always have the upper hand.

Meanwhile, God is careful to let us know that we cannot even reliably classify things as good or evil, apart from His Word.  Without God and His Word as our compass, we are shipwrecked.

Oh, cling to Him, fellow Christian.  His ways are not our ways, but He will lead us in His ways!


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