Spotlight on Missions: Troy Manning

ManningTroyEditor’s Note:  Troy serves the Lord in the Lord by traveling around the world, assisting in Bible translation.  Please continue to pray for Troy and others who take the Gospel to regions beyond.

I’m finally rounding the corner and heading into the homestretch on this 10-week overseas trip to 5 different locations. I enjoyed a short (too short!) weekend last weekend with my supporting church in Singapore. I had originally planned on being in Singapore for a week, but that got cut short because of the missions conference in Guam. I’m very thankful to have been a part of the missions conf in Guam, but I wish I could have spent more time in Singapore. It was encouraging to see Joshua Wong’s humble leadership of that church and how God is blessing.

On Monday I arrived in Myanmar. The first two days involved meeting with various people to get caught up on people and things in our projects here and to make decisions on how to proceed. On Wed and Thurs I worked with the Tedim Chin to help them complete the last bit of material that needed consultant checking. Now they are in the stage of editing and formatting to prepare for publication. They want to dedicate their NT in Feb. 2014, but there’s much to do. In order to achieve their goal, they need to finish their part of the work and submit it to the publishing department by June or July. Pray that they will accomplish this, as the people have been waiting for many years for this revision of their NT. We have already begun work on the OT, but it will be many years before that will be complete.

Today I spent most of the morning preparing for a “mock consultation” with a consultant in training. He’s helping the Hakha Chin project today, as they try to prepare their NT for publishing, so our workshop will have to wait until Sunday. So, this gives me time to get caught up on correspondence. I plan on relaxing most my remaining time in Myanmar and the one day in Bangkok, but I do have a meeting with a Tedim Chin leader on Sat and will be speaking in a church on Sunday. Please pray for me to finish strongly! I’m thankful that the Lord is giving me enough energy to complete this last week of this trip!



One thought on “Spotlight on Missions: Troy Manning

  1. Reblogged this on iconobaptist and commented:
    Posting this because the author is currently in Myanmar (Burma) working with the wrap-up to a Bible translation project there. Since I did one of my seminary research papers on Adoniram Judson and his work in Burma (including Bible translation projects), my heart is tender to news like this!

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