Amanda Baker: MAPPER

amanda baker postcardThrough Baptist World Mission, I have been accepted in an apprenticeship program for this summer.  The program is called MAPPER.  The Baptist World Mission website defines this program as the following:


A MAPPER is a man or woman who serves on a foreign field for a limited period of time alongside of and under the direction of an experienced missionary for the purpose of gaining practical experience, thus the name MAPPER (Missionary Apprenticeship Program).


  • To allow an interested missionary prospect to visit an actual mission field and, in a limited and temporary way, enter into the missionary experience.
  • To introduce the MAPPER to the challenges presented in living and working in a different land and culture.
  • To provide an outreach for the local church as they send one of their own to the mission field.
  • To teach a MAPPER how to work as part of a team, laboring together to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • To encourage the missionary on the field by providing extra assistance, along with fresh zeal and new ideas.
  • To assist a prospective missionary in determining whether or not he or she is truly called of God to missionary service.


A MAPPER must be a saved person, evidencing a dedicated life, and a member in good standing of a fundamental, separatist Baptist church.   Normally, MAPPERS are college students who desire to explore the possibility of missionary service by visiting a mission field for a few weeks. However, the MAPPER program is not always limited to college students and may include other interested adults.

Only those college students who have completed their sophomore year will be considered. There must be agreement with the doctrinal position of the Mission and a willingness to abide by our Principles & Policies while working with the missionary.

For more information on how to apply for this program, visit


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