Surprising a Loved One

Two-red-heartsEphesians 2:10, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Everywhere I went this weekend, I saw preparations being made to surprise mothers.  At the Navy Exchange flower shop, in the Navy Exchange cologne section, at the bakery where I went to help a friend select her wedding cake.

I love surprises.  Chances are you do, too.  We love to get surprised.  We also love to surprise our family and friends.  This love of surprises seems built into us as a human race.

We often speak of God as the One who provides the pattern for all earthly fathers and truly He is.

However, there are some attributes of God that are very different from earthly fathers, too.

For example, have you ever thought about the fact that we can’t surprise God?

We may work very hard to perform a good work to surprise Him, planning and thinking and preparing to do something that will bring honor to His name.

It may be an outreach to an unsaved person.

It may be something that provides support to somebody in the ministry.

It may be an act of encouragement to a discouraged Christian.

What it is not, and never could be, is a surprise to our sovereign God.

As the above verse says, He not only created us and created us unto good works, but He created those very good works in advance, and put our names on them, knowing we would do them!

No, He is not surprised.  He is never surprised.  But isn’t that a neat and wonderful thing about our God?

He not only knew me in advance, He knew every thought I would have in advance.

He saw me sitting down and planning how to reach out to that lost person.  In fact, that was His plan of evangelism for that person.  Even as the thoughts are original to me as a human, I am only joining God in thoughts He has always had.

He thought it first, then I did.

He planned it first, then I did.

Just as He planned my salvation before I was ever born.  In fact, before the world was created.

What a wonderful God, to be so utterly able to process my information and the information about seven billion other people, all in the same moment.

And to love us.

And to provide for us.

Even good works for us to perform.

What a wonderful God, and thoroughly worthy of our praise!


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