TBBCS: A Very Big Place In A Very Small Space

TBBC-sealOne scientist spoke of the human brain as “a very big place in a
very small space.” Another scientist estimated that man’s brain is able to store the equivalent of twenty million books!

TBBCS appears small at first sight. But it gets bigger and bigger the
deeper and deeper you look at it and look into it. We have students
who come here to train and – while they’re training – go back to their own local churches to serve with greater distinction. We have graduates who are taking what they have received here and proclaiming it from their pulpits to their people. We have missionary graduates who are training scores of pastors to plant and pastor scores of churches in scores of countries – and God is keeping score.

All of us here at TBBCS – students, staff, professors, administrators, and supporters – are part of something that is a whole lot bigger than any single one of us. Indeed, unless you invest your life in that which outlasts your life you have wasted your life.


One thought on “TBBCS: A Very Big Place In A Very Small Space

  1. Reblogged this on iconobaptist and commented:
    Our church’s Bible College/Seminary may be small but it packs a wallop. The eight years I spent studying there part-time certainly taught me to think more Biblically and more systematically about our glorious God!!!

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