Ministry Highlight: Sound Ministry

MicrophoneThe sound ministry is a ministry that often goes unnoticed, or at least I hope that it does. That is because it is one of the many ministries in the church that is only noticed when it is lacking. When the time draws near for service, each person finds their place. The Pastor prepares for the coming sermon and greets the congregation. The choir turns their attentions to the coming hymns. The believer finds his place fellowshipping with the body of Christ. Even the sinner has his place preparing himself to weigh his soul. They don’t have time to worry about whether the sound will be sufficient.

However, the sound ministry is important. Faith comes by hearing, and if the sinner among us can not hear the challenge in the preaching or the conviction in the songs, then they may yet terry another day. This isn’t as much of a concern for smaller congregations where a loud preacher is sufficient. The larger the congregation, though, the harder it will be for those in the back to hear.

It is more than just sound during the services.  That is the side of which most people are aware, but the recording is just as important. We have more members than just those who can attend. There are those who can’t make it to the service, and there are missionaries and travelling members who would desire to listen to the service. For them, we do record the services and there is a copy for any day that somebody has missed. Perhaps a sinner would like to hear the message that lead them to the Lord.

Perhaps a future missionary would like to hear again the sermon that placed in him the call. For whatever purpose, the recordings are there.

And so, when you hear the occasional feedback, or miss a voice for a second due to a bad microphone, please forgive us. Our aim is to let you hear the service, not the monitors.


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