220px-Oliverbgreene“How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10:14

I was blessed with a hard working, serious brother-in-law. He was the typical Pennsylvania farmer. They were very dedicated to the hard work of being a farmer. They faced the long hours of summer and the cold of winter with the same determination. Often their faith was deep and as solid as a rock. They trusted in the ROCK, Christ Jesus.

My brother in law, Earl, was not one to be open to Bible discussion. This made it hard for me because I wanted to be sure he was saved.  Earl was quiet but he was not afraid of a question. One day I said, “Earl, have you received Christ as your Savior?” His answer was right to the point. “Yep!  One morning about 4:30 AM, I pulled the milk truck off the road and stopped and as Dr. Oliver Greene preached and gave the invitation, I repented of my sin and asked Christ to save me!!” Wow! His reply left no doubt.

The above reference from Romans 10:14 ask the question, how shall they hear without a preacher? Some of you are thinking, who is Oliver Greene? The late Dr. Greene was a radio preacher from South Carolina. He was on the air for probably forty years. There will be thousands in heaven like Earl.  They were along the road of life or in one of Dr. Greene’s many tent revivals when they received Christ. He was a strong, faithful preacher/teacher of the Word. I knew that Earl had heard the truth and that he was properly instructed in how to become a Christian.  It was my joy to share that story at Earl’s funeral. I will see him again someday. In America, we have been blessed with faithful Bible teachers whose job it is to rightly divide the Word of Truth for us. Let’s thank God for good Bible teachers and the results of their ministry.

Read and study Romans 10:8-17

V.9 assurance of results—thou shalt be saved

V.13 acceptance of all who come—who so ever shall call

V.14 absolute necessity of a preacher—how shall they hear

V.17 alignment with truth—hearing the Word of God


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