God Has Us On Stage

2283917092_140ff23dd4In the light of the tragedies that have recently occurred in both Washington, DC, and Colorado, all of us at times will ask the question, “Why do these things happen?”  We certainly recognize the exceeding sinfulness of mankind to carry out actions of revenge, anger, and selfishness.  Until Jesus comes, we certainly will be in a battle with evil.  But what about the innocent people who suffer, especially the of the household of faith?

I recently heard John Vaughn make a startling analogy in a sermon at our church.  While speaking of suffering and tragedy that God brings or allows in our lives, Dr. Vaughn said that it “is like God puts the spotlight on you and thrusts a microphone in your hand” — and we speak of Him when we have everyone’s attention.  Oh, how often we complain in the midst of difficulty when in all reality God is making the situation a platform for us to speak of Him!  God entrusts us as He did Job to speak of the goodness of God even in the time of deep affliction.

Human aching should drive us to heavenly adoration.  Our paths to get there may take a while; but in the end, we can praise Him!  What a privilege to speak about Him and for Him.  We may not understand all the details, but we must trust the all-wise hand of God.  Let’s use His Word and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit to step to the podium, clear our voices, and loudly announce to the whole world — the wonderful riches of the grace of our Great God!  Psalm 63:33, “Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.”


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