O, For The Love Of Virginia

virginia-landscapeI was thinking today of the beautiful Blue Ridge, Old Rag Mountain, and the Skyline Drive.  I recalled pleasant scenes of my childhood:  Stony Man Mountain, New Market Gap, and White Oak Canyon Falls.  My thoughts carried me back to old Virginia.  That’s where I wandered as a boy.

Then I thought of the Old Dominion rivers:  the Potomac, the Shenandoah, the Rapidan and the Rappahannock.  I thought of their lazy, meandering curves and the rocky gaps where they flow through the strong mountains, and again my mind carried me back to old Virginia.  That’s where I traveled as a teen.

I thought of the three tiny ships at Jamestown, the church at Colonial Williamsburg, of Monticello, Mount Vernon, and the capitol in Richmond.  All these historic places and more carried me back to old Virginia.  That’s where our history can be felt and not just seen.

My mind went to churches in the Shenandoah Valley, the Piedmont, Tidewater and the Eastern Shore.  What a thrill it was to preach in all these places, and my thoughts had once more been carried back to old Virginia.  That’s where I longed to visit in my man-hood years.

I do love Virginia with its beauty, rich history, and charm.  I love to climb upon its mountains and look down from her many lofty heights.  But though I love her and miss her when I travel, there is a place that will replace her, by and by.  The One Who down here has made her mountains, the One Who blessed her abundantly, is the very One Who waits in Heaven to show me His plans for eternity!


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