Tabernacle’s Teens for Christ

Why do we call it “Teens 4 Christ”?  Here at Tabernacle Baptist there are 4 things we want for our youth:

First, we want  our youth to KNOW THE LORD and have personal relationship with Him.  Just believing in God is not enough.  The Bible tells us we must put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Our  number one job is that our youth truly know the Lord.

Secondly, we want our youth to GROW IN THE LORD, not just be an average Christian.  Once we are saved, we then must search the Word, find a good church, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us not just in the right direction but in the direction God has for each one of us specifically.  We believe that is done from the Bible through the local church and as youth through the church’s youth group.

Thirdly, we want our youth to  SERVE THE LORD as teens  so that when they are adults it will be easier to continue.   Many things, in our minds can hinder us from serving the Lord through our local church as adults, but if we can instill these values into our teens as young people, we believe that it will be easier for them to do it as adults.

Fourthly, we want our youth to have  FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER BELIEVERS and for the parents to know the teens their kids are with are good Christian people. Being a youth gets harder and harder, and the  temptations our teens face are bigger and bigger.  Having a group of Christian teens and a youth pastor and his wife that care about them  makes it easier.

This is why we call our youth TABERNACLE TEENS 4 CHRIST and hopefully through this little explanation you can see into our youth group and how our heart is directing our teens.

We look forward to seeing you and your teen at church this Sunday or Wednesday.  If you have younger children, we also have a place for them in our Sunday school, children’s church or Patch Clubs on Wednesday.  So come on out and see us, and help us in our endeavor to KEEP ON KEEPING ON FOR HIM!


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