Third World Missions

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Mark 16:15

I have been thinking about the above missions statement.

When God saves a person, He calls him to good works that He has preselected for him, according to Ephesians 2:10.  Many of us are called to keep working in the secular field in which we have always worked.  No surprise there—it takes money to finance missions, and some of us have to earn that money.

Others are called to the gospel ministry.  Some in the U.S. are called to pastor churches here while some are called to move around more in evangelism within the U.S. borders (that could also include church planters here).

Then there are the foreign missionaries.

Parents often have a hard time when their child is called to foreign missions.  The distance is the first issue.

But, that said, there is a group of foreign missionaries that especially seem to tug at parental hearts.  Those are the missionaries who are not called to Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.

The missionaries who are called to the Third World (or call it the Second World, like South America, where things can just be a bit iffy, even in a city).

Thankfully for the lost people in those countries, there are missionaries who know they are called to harsher environments.  One of our favorite young seminary students is working through just such a call right now.

And the law of averages would teach us such things must be so.  God would not call every young missionary to Europe.  He has too clearly expressed His heart’s desire that all the world be reached with a gospel witness.

An older missionary couple who have served in Cambodia, South Africa, and Kenya, among other countries, and who have fallen in love with every people group among whom they have ministered, reminded us last Sunday to especially lift up in prayer the missionaries who serve in such places.  Pastor Wayne Snyder said these missionaries face constant danger on Third World fields.

He spoke of every home in South Africa being surrounded by a wall with razor wire.  Despite many sparkling cities, it is the burglary capital of the world, and many of those burglaries are horrendously violent.

But those who are called there go.  And they are heroes in so many ways.  Let us never stand in their way when they know they have the call, and let us constantly immerse them in prayer.


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