US Navy Anchor Chains

A few years ago a kind lady, whom I have never met, came with her husband to my driveway.  She was too emotional to step out of her car.  She sent her husband up to my door to give me a WW II, U.S. Navy sea bag filled with white, dress blue, and undress blue uniforms from her father.  These items meant too much to her to allow her to meet me, but she wanted me to have them.  They were her daddy’s items from the Navy.

 One of the items in that bag was a 1944 copy of The Blue Jacket’s Manual.  There are many things in that book that make great ideas for a history teacher and an evangelist.  One of them is the fact that when weighing anchor, it is required that a sailor must be stationed at the bow to check the integrity of each link in the huge anchor chain.  These links are tested by being hit with a sledge hammer.  If the link rings true, it is assumed that there is no crack or imperfection in that link.  Each link is also washed to remove sand and other debris from the bottom of the harbor.

 Likewise, our family plays chimes and each chime must “ring true.”  If it has a hairline crack in it, the chime will sound terrible and cannot be used.  We have had much trouble with a D5 note.  Many times we had a D5 that sounded horrible.  Each time we returned that chime to the factory in California and they replaced it.  Unfortunately, they did not replace it with a new chime, they always replaced it with a repaired one.  Soon we would have trouble with that chime also.

 God wants us to have integrity of character.  He wants us to be honest and for our life to “ring true.”  Many people look like Christians, but their life does not stand the Bible test and ring true.  Even a Christian can fool himself or fool others into thinking that he is a godly person, but by their fruits ye shall know them.

 I hope that all who read this are either saved or will be saved soon.  I also hope that any Christian who reads this will be sure that his life stands God’s test for holiness, integrity, and honesty.

below:  Bro. Manka in his crackerjacks using the WW II, Blue Jacket’s Manual with his youth group at his own church.  Erik Whiting provided the dress blue blouse.image002



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