A Birthday – Being Born into a Family

imagesToday we celebrate the birth of our oldest child, a daughter, and the birth of our oldest grandchild, a grandson.  This day has been special from the moment our Amy Nicolle was born!  Having children, becoming parents, and the three of us becoming a family was extremely special–but with it came more responsibilities and blessings.  Twenty-eight years later when our Jake Reagan was born, the day doubled in significance!  We became Pop and Nana, and, again, . . . more responsibilities and blessings.

Being born into a family carries responsibilities of bearing that name, helping mature and grow those with that name, and building a legacy that will endure for eternity.  As grandparents, the fun is spending time with the grandchildren, teaching them things in play or during walks, reading or telling stories, instilling in them the fortune that is theirs to belong to a loving family with parents and siblings who care, and praying that they will carry that legacy on.

So it is in THE FAMILY OF GOD!  When we are born into the family of God, we must grow and help those around us to grow.  We get involved in the lives of others in our church by being a blessing and enriching their lives by sharing, helping, visiting, calling, and showing our care for others in that family.  What an example we have in our Heavenly Father!  May we be challenged to be a member of our Heavenly family that makes a difference!

Happy Birthday to Amy and Jake!


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