A Living Sacrifice

untitledRomans 12:1-2

In beseeching his readers to present their bodies a living sacrifice to God, Paul, I think, had the burnt offering particularly in mind.  The burn offering was called the whole burnt offering (Psalm 51:19) because it was completely consumed upon the altar.  It was also called the continual burnt offering (Exodus 28:42) because it was offered daily upon the altar.  You and I are to consecrate our entire lives to God once and for all, and we are to renew that commitment day after day.

Can you say: The WILL of Christ is the law of my life; the SERVICE of Christ is the business of my life; the PRESENCE of Christ is the joy of my life; and the GLORY of Christ is the crown of my life?

The Lord is speaking to you and me in Proverbs 23:26: My son, give me thine heart….  May this our answer be: “Oh Lord, I give You my heart with all of my heart!”


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