Ladies’ Day

1077On the fourth Saturday in March (This year it will be Saturday, March 22.), we have a Ladies’ Day here at Tabernacle Baptist Church.  It is an annual event, and all the ladies of Tabernacle look forward to it.  This year we will have close to eighty ladies attending from our church and over two hundred ladies in total!  Our theme for 2014 is “Are We There Yet?”.  We provide a light breakfast during the registration time. We invite a guest speaker (This year Mrs. Cookie Altizer from Simpsonville, SC, will be with us.) who speaks in the first and third sessions; and during the second session, we have a few of our Tabernacle ladies review books that the speaker has requested.  We then feature those books in our bookstore making them available to the ladies in attendance.  We enjoy special music and a “funny” of some kind. (This year it will be a skit.)  There is refreshment and fellowship to be enjoyed during the breaks of each session, and our tables are decorated by the ladies of Tabernacle.  At noon we enjoy a box luncheon purchased from a vendor in town.

The fellowship is always a highlight, but the challenge and emphasis we leave with is indeed of great value.  Thank you ahead of time to all the Tabernacle ladies who invite, decorate tables, review books, provide special music, donate door prizes, make the favors, and come and enjoy the day along with our many guests from nearby churches.  As the Pastor’s wife of Tabernacle Baptist Church, it is a pleasure to work alongside you as we prepare and a blessing that so many of you give of your talents and time to be a blessing to those who attend.  You are an encouragement to me!


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