Glory in Me

imagesJeremiah 9:23-24

         23    Thus saith the Lord,

Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,

Neither let the mighty man glory in his might,

Let not the rich man glory in his riches:

24    But let him that glorieth glory in this,

That he understandeth and knoweth me,

That I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth:

For in these things I delight, saith the Lord.

As Christians, how many times do we forget who made us, gave us our smarts, money, and physical ability—and we puff up and get proud?  Sometimes we do this unintentionally, and it is so easy to do because the devil is out to take us down anyway he can.  Pride is definitely a way we can fall easily .  Remember, this is the sin that took Satan himself down in Isaiah 14:12-15.

Thank the Lord for small passages such as this, where the Lord points things out so lovingly, like the great father that He is.  I can just see Him and hear Him as he speaks to me;

“Yes, My son, you may have some knowledge, but I made you that way to decipher between good and evil and to search out the Scriptures so you can better know Me.  Yes, My son, you may be strong physically and even in your character, but, remember, I made you that way so that you can have the stamina you need to physically do what I have called you to do.  I’ve given you a strong character to stand up for Me and for My Word.  Yes, My son, I have given you monetary things but not just for your pleasure, for you to further the gospel by giving to My work.  See, I do bless my children, but it is all for My honor and glory, and I am here to help guide you, chastise you when needed to help keep you on the right path, and all the while as you spend in My house with My people then the more you will know this because you will better understand Me and My mission.”

Praise the Lord that we serve a great and wonderful God who is there for us 24/7—365 days a year!  He always has exactly what we need written in His Word to help us glory in HIM!


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