Happy Mother’s Day!

moms-day_previewHappy Mother’s Day!  There is nothing like a mother’s love and understanding.  My mom is with the Lord, but she taught me many things and influenced my life in ways that made me the woman I am today.  My mom was the spiritual leader in our home until my dad was saved.  She always made sure we were in church and taught us biblical principles.  I appreciate all she taught me and all she did for me!  She loved my two sisters and me and supported us in all we did.

Today I think of her and my daughter, Amy, who is now a mother.  What selfless love my daughter shows in her care of her four little ones (5 yrs., 4 yrs., almost 3 yrs., and 15 months)!  Mothering is a full-time job!  Doing laundry, preparing meals, dressing children, repairing toys, entertaining guests, cleaning house, running errands, teaching skills, wiping eyes, nursing injuries, cheering victories–need I go on?  We all know our moms do more for us than we can imagine.  Even the Lord, on the cross, took time to care for His mother.

Today–or Sunday–or one day soon–give your mom and hug and thank her for her selfless sacrifice for you!  (A small gift wouldn’t be a bad idea either! :-))


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