Perfect Peace

th“Thou wilt keep in him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3)

A restless world is all about us – busy, ambitious, greedy mortals who fill their daily lives with anxiety and worry. These people need peace, and the answer to their need is found in the message of this verse. Faith in God will neutralize the restlessness and irritation that spoil life for millions today.

Peace does not come as the result of sheer will power. It does not come through “tranquilizers” or psychiatric treatment. These avenues of human help have their place in our society, but their function is not to bring rest to the soul. It is only when faith does its work in the heart that men and women experience the reality of that perfect peace of which Isaiah speaks.

We are told that the Hebrew for “perfect peace” is “peace-peace” – double peace. This is very significant. It is as though the soul dwelt within double doors, as a person might dwell in a room with double walls to shut out or deaden the noise from the street or muffle the sound of voices from an adjoining room.

Isaiah is telling us that it is our privilege to live within the double doors of God’s loving care, and enjoy – not just peace, but double peace. But the privilege carries with it a condition on our part: “…whose mind is stayed on thee.” Our thoughts must be stayed on Jesus, for it is through the imagination that we become perturbed and defiled.  The mind “stayed” on Jesus can only be so because “he trusteth in thee.” Do not indulge in “imaginings,” but trust. Do not anticipate what might happen, but leave it to God to choose.

Listen to the words of the Eternal Son of God: “In the world ye shall have tribulation; but in ME ye shall have PEACE” (see John 16:33).

To dwell in the will of Him who chooses our lot and directs our pathway, and to trust in His shed blood – these are the “double doors” of our peace.

Taken from A Thought for the Day by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene


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