The Logic of the Heart

Love_heartProverbs 23:26

It is important to Him for me to choose Him; it is important for me that He chose me.  God wants me to say: “I want You God!” and God wants to help me to say it.

This baffles my mind but blesses my heart.  In the words of Pascal, “The heart has its reasons that reason knows not of.”

What I mean is this:  I cannot reconcile divine election and human decision in my mind, but my heart rejoices in both:  (1) There never was a time, and there never will be a time when I was not the object of election – love and predestination – design.  (2) There was a time when I made Him mine, and that was free will’s finest hour.  We are never more our own than when we are wholly His.

Free will is a mystery.  Free will is a responsibility.  Free will is an opportunity.  In the words of the poet:

Our wills are ours, we know not how;

Our wills are ours, to make them Thine.



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