Aging in Grace vs. Aging in Place

400_F_42844414_JCBQKUTWrIGA0b39vCxftSLdQCOn5dPFThe Bible speaks in many places about growing old.  It expresses the idea that we can grow old graciously, growing in grace rather than staying rigidly in one place.

As I reach my 56th birthday today, I am well aware of the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before me.

Some of those witnesses have not finished well.  Many finished well but had speed bumps along the way.  Some started out in fits and jolts.

Life for me has been like that.  Helping our son with his autism for the past twent-two years has been a speed bump.  Battling breast cancer six years ago was a definite speed bump.

Yet I always hold out hope of finishing well, of being that gracious older lady whose wisdom helps others past their own speed bumps.

God is so good, all of the time.  The speed bumps in my life have taught me that I cannot survive without Him, not for five minutes.  Nor would I wish to do so.

The cry of my heart remains with King David, “Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me”  (Psalm 51:11).

Happy Birthday to me!


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