Enjoying God’s Presence

untitledWhat does God want from us?

Does God want Christians to be rude?  Steal?  Go to church?  Obey the Police?  Argue with parents?  Do my homework?  Complain?  Take a candy from the store without paying?  Be thankful?  Be lazy?  Read the Bible?  Drink alcohol? Pray every day?  Smoke cigarettes?

So, if I do all the right things and don’t do to the bad things, I will be a good Christian?

The Christian life is not just a list of rules!  — There are too many rules to keep!

So, what does God want from us?  He wants us to enjoy His presence.

Galatians 5:16 says, “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”

Explanations from the verse:

“Walk” – Live your life

“in the Spirit” – Enjoy God’s presence

“not fulfill” – Do not give in to

“the lust of the flesh” – Desires of the old nature

But how do I enjoy God’s presence?  This is something even children can do!

Think about God at school or at work.

Talk to Him as you walk down the sidewalk.

Tell Him about things that scare you or bother you.

Sing to Him while you are at home.

Think about Him as you play in your room.

Talk to friends about God and what He has done for you.

Thank God as you are playing.

Think about God in the bus or in the car.

Ask for His help as you do your homework.

Think about what you have learned at church when you are eating breakfast.

Pray for a friend while you are tying your shoes.

Talk to God while washing dishes or cleaning your room.

Think about what the Bible says while you are at the grocery store.

Ask Him for strength to do right when tempted to do something you shouldn’t.

Treat God as the Friend that we cannot see who is all powerful and loves us.


While you are living your life enjoying God’s presence, you will never give in to bad desires.

Have you trusted Christ by faith to dwell in you and share His presence with you?  Eph 3:17 tells us that Christ will dwell in our hearts by faith.  If you are saved, have you made a habit of enjoying God’s presence?  Revelation 3:20 tells us that He wants to come into our lives as if He were in our home eating dinner with us.

Are you willing to try this at least for today?



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