A Heart of Thanksgiving!

imagesFC11Y7BEMany times over the years, my children have thanked me for things.  I think as they get older, they realize the really valuable “things” are not always things!  But today, I, as a mother, want to thank my middle daughter for many things.

She was born on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 1983, at 8:13 AM, 10 pounds, 13 ½ ounces (our own little turkey!), and we named her Amanda Michelle Baker.  She has always had a tender heart, and we realized very early in her life that she was going to use her life to serve God (although we did not know how then).  She’s always had a heart to help others, and like my other two daughters, she has a natural ability to come along side and teach others.

The Lord spoke to her very early in life about missions, and she was advised to get her education in something that would help her on the mission field.  She chose teaching high school students (degree in English Education) and has successfully taught in Christian Schools for almost ten years.

Now as she pursues going to England as a missionary, she is showing real determination in the deputation work.  Her persistence and presentation have already been a blessing to many.  She’s going to get there, and she’ll do a great job when she gets there!

I want to thank her for her indomitable spirit—“I can do it, and I will do it!”  However, she truly realizes that her dependency must be on God.  I’m thankful as I observe a consistent daily devotional time and a prayer life that sees answers to prayers, that she gives God the glory for it all.  I’m thankful for the example she is setting for other young people and single women.  I’m thankful for her sweet and kind spirit.  I’m thankful for her friendship.  (What a blessing as a mother to have my adult daughters as friends now!)

I love you, Amanda—oh, and Happy Birthday too! 🙂


One thought on “A Heart of Thanksgiving!

  1. Dear Marci, Understand your mama’s heart full of thankfulness for having a wonderful middle daughter!!! We are so thankful for her sweet testimony and friendship. Many thanks to you for having that “little turkey”. Love your family and pray for you!

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