Calling Upon God

TBCM Blog Devotional - FDR (1930s) Fireside Chats Swiss chalet at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park - D_Manka - Oct2014TBCM Blog Devotional - Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park Pic - D_Manka - Oct 2014I was reared in Pittsburgh, PA.  Twice my parents took me to Glacier National Park in Montana.  Glacier is 2,000 miles from my boyhood home.  Back in the early ’60s, we did not have much in the way of satellite communication.

The world’s first commercial radio station was KDKA in Pittsburgh.  As a boy I used to listen to both KDKA radio and the KDKA television station.  There was no such thing as cable TV or satellite dish television.  Everything was sent from tall radio or TV towers and stations were basically all local stations.

I had three old crystal radio sets and had fun listening to them on my bed at home.  I had a ground wire that I attached to the heat register beside my bed and an antenna wire that I tossed out of my bedroom window onto the roof over our front porch.  I could either attach a small earphone or my large WWII vintage headset such as B-17 bomber pilots used.  When I touched the wire to the crystal, I could hear KDKA.  If I adjusted the tuner, I could hear KDKA everywhere on the dial, because I was in Pittsburgh and the station was beefed up to be quite powerful at night.  The FCC allowed some stations to greatly increase their power at night so that they could be received from great distances.

I still remember riding with dad in the car in Pittsburgh to have a shop drill holes and install our first car radio in our old Dodge.  

When we visited Glacier in Montana, my dad and I were sitting in the car.  He was trying out the radio.  Dad was a research chemist engineer and an inventor.  All the way from Pittsburgh he could receive the signal from KDKA.  We could listen to the local news or even the Pittsburgh Pirates’ game at Forbes Field just five miles from our house.  Back home, we used to park our car at our church and walk over to Forbes Field to see the Pirates play.

Here we were, 2,000 miles from home and we could listen to what was going on in our community back in Pennsylvania.  How exciting that was!

That was a rare event for us in that era of technology, but every day, every hour we have an even better ability to communicate at a long distance with our heavenly Father through prayer.  He hears us from His home in Heaven.  He is tuned in to us.  Wherever we go He is there.  Wherever our “tuner” is dialed, He still receives our message when we call upon Him.

Yes, at this time, we are “grounded” here on Earth, but prayer is like our antenna to call out to our Father in Heaven.



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