God Sent His Son

untitledLast of all he sent unto them his Son (Matthew 21:37).

In all the confusion and commercialization of Christmas these days we are more than likely to lose Christ.  Let us never forget that God sent not merely a prophet, a philosopher, a leader, to meet the world’s needs.  He gave His only begotten Son (John 3:16).  Like the man in the parable, He said, “I will send my beloved Son” (Luke 20:13).  He spared not his own Son (Romans 8:32).

A little boy accustomed to seeing service stars in windows during the war exclaimed as he watched the evening star at sunset, “God must have a son in the war!”  The story has been misapplied, but in the age-old struggle with sin God truly gave His Son.

Remember at Christmas that the Gospel is not that Jesus came or that He lived or that He taught.  He could have done all that, but if He had returned to the Father some other way than by Calvary and the open tomb, we would still be in our sins.

Thank God He was born.  But He was born to die and live again, that we might live forever.


Taken from Day to Day with Vance Havner (p. 267-268)


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