Always Give Thanks

images(Ephesians 5:20) Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Recently we celebrated Thanksgiving, and we were thankful for many things among them many blessings, but were we thankful for the thorns?  Sometimes what we consider to be trials, can be blessings in disguise.  An illness that spoils travel plans could be a life-saving experience for one or more persons, a life-threatening tragedy that is suddenly resolved, a cure that is accidentally stumbled on.  Accidentally?  More solutions are wrought by prayer than we realize.  God answers prayer!  He heals!

Thank the Lord that lately someone very closely related to us had an illness that spoiled his travel plans.  In fact, two of the children were also sick.  They would have had to travel through inclement weather.  God may have spared them from a life-threatening accident.  Thank you, Lord.

God spared my spouse’s life, allowing him to remain in the hospital until the life-threatening problem passed.  God answers prayer.  Thank you, Lord.

Some friends have life-threatening cancer.  God is able to give that saving cure; but if He does not, the friends are spiritually ready to meet God.  Thank you, Lord.

As we go into the Christmas season, or the New Year, or even summer, we can be thankful for answered prayer, for all things.  Let’s continue to pray for one another and continue to give thanks.


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