A Milestone!

imagesThe month of March has always been special to me—my birthday is March 3rd.  Birthdays at my house as a child were a BIG deal!  I’ve had to tone some of that down over the years, and I tried to teach my girls that though it may be YOUR birthday—it’s not all about you! 🙂

This year I’m turning 60 years old!  I’m not ashamed of that!  I’m thankful for the years God has given me.  I have been saved about 55 of those years.  How thankful I am that I was saved as a child, that I had a Christian mother that did all she could to teach me and guide me to do right, that later when my dad was saved we all attended church together, that I had an active youth group and youth pastors that cared about me, that I went to a Christian university, that I met a godly young man and married him, that we have had productive ministries, that our children love and serve God, and that today I continue in the things that I have learned.

There’s a lot to be said for age!  I don’t want to go back.  My head is full of information from my past experiences, and though sometimes I have to wait for a file to come forward that I know is in my computer-like brain—it IS there!  There are a lot of experiences and information to draw from!  Also, the longer I live, Heaven looks sweeter as more of my family and friends are there. I recently read a book entitled Heaven by Randy Alcorn (which I highly recommend).  It renewed my understanding of Heaven and what a glorious place it will be—more wonderful than we can imagine, I believe.  What glory it will be to see my Savior and spend an eternity with Him!

So, as I turn 60 years of age, I’m thankful for all that I have been through, the lessons I have learned, and the opportunities I’ve had to share those lessons with others.  To God be the glory!

II Timothy 3:14, “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.”


One thought on “A Milestone!

  1. Marci, thank you for the sweet and genuine testimony!!! Age is GOOD— love the reference to “bring up that file”!!! Also loved hearing that you were saved at age 5. You and I have been privileged to have been Daughters of the King of Kings for a long time. I was also 5– and I’m a lot older than you. To God be the Glory– HE has ALWAYS been faithful, even when I was not walking as close as I should have been. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest sister in the Lord. ❤

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