Easter Meditation

imagesSince a brief Easter meditation cannot reflect every possible thought about Easter, I choose with this one to reflect on Christ’s inclusivity.

Every human being longs for love and acceptance, to the point that we sometimes do crazy things to obtain them.

With Christ, we don’t need to do crazy things.  He just loves us!!!

Savor that for a moment.  You are loved as you are by a God who is totally holy.  He came as the God-man to ensure you would be able to live with Him forever.  Easter commemorates His defeat of death on our behalf.


Sunday our Sunday school lesson in my ladies’ class juxtaposed John 20 with John 4 (our current study is in the book of John).

In John 20, we see that Christ is risen from the dead and first shows Himself to a person who could not even legally bear witness, Mary Magdalene, a woman.  A woman was the first witness to the resurrection.

But our regularly scheduled passage, John 4, matches that dimension of John 20 and goes even farther.  Jesus first told His identity as Messiah to someone who was not only a woman, but a Samaritan woman, and one who had been married five times and was living with her sixth man.

Imagine that.  The Lord of the Universe, who knows all hearts intimately, chose to tell this woman who was the victim of prejudice on at least three fronts His Messianic secret.

He includes us.  He died and rose again for us.  In Him, we shall live forever.  Not only escape death, but live abundant life.

Hallelujah and Amen!


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