Peace, peace, is there no peace?

peaceful-sceneA few weeks ago I was teaching my High school bible class and the curriculum posed a question that made the students really think.

We were studying John chapter 7 where Jesus declares to be the living water. The lesson divided the people of this passage into 5 groups. 1. Some believe He is the Messiah (vs. 40-41), 2. Some are confused (vs. 41-42), 3. Some reject Him (vs. 44), 4. Some are afraid (vs. 45-49), and 5. one defended Him (vs. 50 – 53). Now, I cannot teach you my class period lesson so let me reword the question for you. If Jesus is the Prince of Peace and in John 14:27 He says, “Peace I leave with you and my peace I give unto you…” why is there division every time Jesus would speak? How would you answer that question?

We know the message of Christ is one of choice. If we choose to follow Christ, He gives us personal peace to our hearts. If we choose to reject Him, we are left with the turmoil of the world. That rejection can bring division between nations, friends and even family members. Christ’s peace is present even when there is trouble all around.  So, have you chosen the peace that Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace offers, or have you chosen to find your own way, which will most certainly cause division.


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