Missions Giving

imagesAALS0K4JHe owns the cattle on a thousand hills,

The wealth in every mine.

He owns the rivers and the rocks and rills,

The sun and stars that shine.

Wonderful riches more than tongue can tell

He is my Father so they’re mine as well–

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills;

I know that He will care for me!

I remember singing this chorus as a young child and believing with all my heart that God could and would take care of me because He is so rich!  The cattle on a thousand hills is A LOT of cattle—AND the wealth in every mine—WOW!  As I grew older, I realized the truth is the same—He can and will take care of me and my needs, so I need not worry!

As a young couple training for the Lord’s work, we began giving five dollars a week to Missions above our tithe.  As our faith increased over the years, so has our Missions giving.  We decide on an amount to give to Missions each year.  Some of that, we budget and give every week.  The remainder of that amount, we pray in.  As the Lord gives it to us, we give it back to Missions.  The tithe and Missions check is always the first check written—we never worry if we will be able to give because it comes out first!  I have known since I was a young child that God is able—He owns it all—so it’s up to us to obey and be willing to give back a portion of what He gives to us.  There is a joy in giving that cannot be taught—it must be caught!  Be assured that it is a blessing to give!


One thought on “Missions Giving

  1. Amen, Miss Marci. It is so true, what you have written. We know that same joy of giving and joy of supply– from our Father Up Above, who owns all those cattle!!!

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