Praise the Lord for Godly Parents!

images         July 7th would have been my Mother’s 100th birthday.  She sent us to Bible camp where we were saved.  Later, we were immersed into a local Baptist church.  She influenced us to serve the Lord.  She encouraged the whole family to put the Lord first, including Dad, who later became a deacon.  Mom encouraged me when I transferred from the local secular college to a Christian college to prepare for the Lord’s work.  My parents attended my graduation and visited me when I began teaching.  Later, Mom helped me with my Christian wedding to a saved, dedicated Christian man who also was preparing to serve the Lord full-time.  Both parents encouraged us in our married life with our children, special events, and even with difficult situations.  Dad became ill and died shortly after their fiftieth anniversary.  Later, Mom came to live with us.  She was still a blessing.  She became ill and died when she was over 94.

A big challenge today is to rear godly children.  We have the privilege to teach our own children.  We have learned how they are responsible to submit to salvation God’s way.  Even when they do not respond to God’s plan, do not give up on them.  Show them the way and then live for God and keep praying for them.  They need to know that a parent cares and demonstrates that concern.  We must do our best by nurturing them and giving them a good example of following the Lord ourselves.  Ultimately, children have a responsibility to make proper choices.  “So then every one of us must give an account of himself unto God” (Romans 14:12).  Parents need God’s wisdom and the determination to follow His ways with their children.


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