The Yoke is His

untitled“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30

The Yoke is His

Take heart, oh weary pilgrim,

Your journey shant be long.

To help you through the path of life,

Sweet Jesus gives a song!

“I trod the paths that you shall take

With trials, hardships too!

The Father knows your greatest need

And always shall be true.”

So when you think of giving up,

Your strength has given in,

Remember this, oh dearest child,

The “yoke” belongs to Him!

With courage, strength and praying too,

With Jesus by our side,

We’ll face the trails of our life

And cross the swelling tide.

Then safe at last … our Heavenly home!

Our loved ones we shall meet.

But greater still our joy shall be,

To sit … at Jesus feet!

© March 2009 Don Johnson


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