Behold, it was very good!

imagesGenesis tells us God saw everything He made, and, behold, it was very good. When observing God’s creation, do you ever wonder . . . . how to this, why to that, what to something else? In the next couple devotions I want to pique your curiosity in God’s ingenious creation by posing a question. This question concerns spiders . . . probably not a favorite subject to most . . . but it concerns dead spiders (the best way to speak of spiders). Now, for the question, why do dead spiders always have their legs curled up? If you remember from science class they are invertebrates so they have no bones for structure. Their structural support comes from their blood pressure. So . . . when they are dead there is no blood pressure so their legs have no structure and curl up. God’s creation . . . awfully interesting and ingenious!



One thought on “Behold, it was very good!

  1. Amazing factoid that I sure didn’t know but OUR GOD is THE MARVELOUS CREATOR!! Mr. Robertson, please explain why do cockroaches flipped on their back when they are dying??? Legs still kicking and feelers wiggling? Honestly interested in knowing the “why:?

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