Shepherds College

11728918_1069070929777470_2639478500691624554_oProverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

Do you have certain friends or groups of friends who truly refresh your soul? The ones with whom you don’t need to pretend about anything but can just totally be the self that you really are—the one Jesus made you to be but yet the one you are still becoming in Him?

I was blessed just last week to have sweet fellowship with a group of parents all joined together by something we would never have willingly chosen—by having a disabled child.

We were all staying in the same hotel as we checked our children into Shepherds College, a special needs college in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

It blessed my heart (to the bottom of my socks) that first day to sit at breakfast, first with just my son, then a friend of his joined us, then the parents of that friend came over, as my son and the friend moved to sit with other young adults from school, then several other parents came by . . .

Truly, we hit the breakfast buffet shortly after six and, not being due to the campus till about 10, we sat and talked for a long while that still seemed too short . . .

We all noticed that we don’t have to explain a lot to each other—we all “get it” about disability. We all consider our disabled children to be some of the bravest people we know. And we all end up falling in love with each other’s children at Shepherds and taking them into our hearts forever, too.

If God saves us to grow our hearts to love as He loves, surely He has privileged those of us with disabled kids by taking us from the selfishness of our youth (I can surely attest to mine) and putting us into a place where we had to grow a conscience, and some compassion, and an ability to slow down and explain things more times than we ever thought possible . . .

In the imperfection of disability, I can often see God’s love and faithfulness written larger than life. He does not take patient, wonderful people and give them disabled children; He rather takes hopeless, fallen sinners and helps them get over themselves by living with a disabled child whom they love more than life itself.

See John 9:1-3, my favorite verses in Scripture.


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