God Keeps Good Records!

s0161013_sc7It seems, so often, that the wicked continue to multiply and have more and more influence in this world. Even in the “religious” world, we have leaders which promote the idea of “coexisting” with others so we will have peace and harmony. We are often scolded for promoting our Christian views and accused of being intolerant and bigoted, closed minded.

We must remember our history, which is full of examples of the world promoting their ideas while refusing to hear our side. This is to be expected by the Christian that is living for the Lord. We often cry unto the Lord God for justice and revenge upon our enemies. We must remember God keeps great records of every offence. Trust in the Lord; He will deliver in His time!

Keep in mind and remember Proverbs 2:22 states…”But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out.”

These are precious promises from our Lord God ……… claim them and rejoice that you are His child!


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