Thoughts on Growing Old and God’s Faithfulness

imagesGrowing older – and though I have much to do;

I serve with the truth – “The Lord will see me through.”

The days can be long – The task can be tough;

He is by my side – His provision always enough.

Some aches and pains have come my way;

Be careful for nothing – I heard Him say.

I labor on – assured of His will;

I present Him to you – He is faithful still.

I have lived 77 years at this writing. God in His grace saved me over 50 years ago. He called me when I was in my third year of teaching History in a Pennsylvania high school. From there it was off to teach in a Bible College and from 1968 to 2015 I have been in a Christian education/local church ministry. The last 43 years have been here at Tabernacle Baptist Church Ministries. Never, have I seen the Lord short in His provision. I cannot say things have always been easy. He never promised “easy.” He promised His presence and His provision. What else do I have need of in this life? Could I ask you, Is that enough for you? Do you need the applause of man to feel successful? Must you have the latest “special gadget” to feel comfortable among your peers? Will the new car really solve your problem? Maybe those are enough questions for now. No doubt you get my drift. You are either feeling very comfortable with this reminder of God’s goodness to you or you feel the need to give God an opportunity to bring peace to your life.

Let me leave you with a couple of reminders from Isaiah 41:10

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee:

Be not dismayed; for I am thy God:

I will strengthen thee; yea I will help thee; yea,

I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Join me, no matter your age, and claim the eternal promises of God.




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