How is your Tiller Working?

2663138506_697083735f_bIn Proverbs 28:18-19, God speaks about “our walk and our work.”  There is a conditional promise given in each verse.  In other words, there is an assured result that follows a certain action.  The last time I checked, God has kept all His promises.  Here is His promise from Proverbs 28:19. He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.

Would you come with me today and look at verse nineteen?   My childhood was spent on the farm and there was lots of “tilling.” We had plenty of bread because we worked hard and God provided.  I know that only a small percentage of us earn our living by tilling the soil. But if employed, we all have job responsibilities.  These responsibilities when accomplished produce our plenty.  No matter your age or where you work or what you do God says do (till) it well.   Recently several of our Tabernacle young people have been promoted on their job.  That is God rewarding or giving them plenty of bread (vs.19a).

With the word plenty we can record several results. One of them is satisfied or to have your desire satisfied.  Another meaning is have one’s fill.  A job well done whether it is a field plowed or a professional presentation made brings great satisfaction to the doer, and it honors God.  God in turn will honor you. We have far too many Christians following after vain persons instead of being faithful on the job.  This chasing after a vain person will not be blessed of God. Your barn could be empty while you run a never ending race. This race will lead you to poverty.

The words poverty enough implies you will make yourself poor or destitute.  How sad it is to see so many “chasing and pursuing” while all the time getting poorer. You will not reach God’s goal for your life by attempting to grab the brass ring of the merry-go-around of this world.  There are folks with big bank accounts that are destitute because they are not satisfied in their person.

I am thankful for those years on the farm.  We worked hard, and we did not follow after vain people.  It was not allowed by Mom and Dad. What about your life today?  Are you on a race track that leads to nowhere?  Are you following or chasing those people or things that will lead you to “poverty enough”? Read this chapter, Proverbs 28, and you will get a new direction for your life.



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