The Wise Men Went Home Another Way!

untitledChrist was born in very humble circumstances, yet high honors came to Him anyway. The angels announced His birth to the Shepherds (Luke 2:9-15), adoration was given from Simeon and Anna in the Temple (Luke 2:25-38), and the Wise Men from the East sought Him (Matthew 2:1-12).

The Wise Men from the East were open to God’s direction and responded to the Revelation of Christ’s Star in the East being led of the Spirit of God to seek for Him. The age limit of the children which Herod killed shows that Christ may have been about two years old!  Their historic visit does not have to be included in the Incarnation of Christ even though they are often pictured on Christmas Cards in the events in the Inn and Manger.  The Scripture tells us that they came to the house (family home) where He was with His Mother, and they fell down and worshipped Him!

The Wise Men brought gifts with them to honor Christ as the Spirit of God led them to the greatest Man who ever lived and still does live. The emphasis is often on these gifts they brought to honor Christ.  The Gift of Gold may have symbolized the fact that He was and is the King of Kings. The Gift of Frankincense which was a type of incense burned at altars most likely emphasized His Deity. Myrrh was often used in embalming can point to His death on the Cross.  Since the Wise Men brought three gifts and presented them to Christ, we assume that there were three of them even though the Word of God does not mention the number of Wise Men who came.  Their names were not mentioned which shows that God was emphasizing the One they came to find rather than their seeking recognition for traveling from the East and honoring the Child Who was their Savior and Lord along with His coming to seek and save those who would respond to the Truth of Who He is (Luke 19:10)! Christ taught that it is better not to be hypocritical about our giving to God (Matthew 6:2-4).

They went back another way because God warned them not to go back and tell Herod. God knew Herod’s wicked intentions and protected His Son from Herod’s evil motives. Their lives were changed after they came to Christ. We should all change our direction in life after we come to know Christ personally and find in Him the life-changing power He gives. Knowing Christ personally means that we have become a child of God and member of the Family of God. What a great security this brings as we leave the Devil as our father and the world as our family. The child of God has a new identity and responsibilities in this new relationship with God and His children.

We should examine ourselves for the changes God has brought about since we have come into this new relationship with Him. What other changes would He have us determine to make to please our Father?  Just as the Wise Men went home another way, so we as children of God should change our ways in our relationships in our lives and homes. We serve a powerful Lord and Savior, Who is able to be a God at hand to help us make these changes and please Him that we might worship Him also.



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