Read and Heed for 2016

Welcome-2016-be-happy-New-Year-Bolls-red-New-YearPsalm 27

This is a wonderful Psalm for 2016. There are always questions that accompany the coming New Year. The list is no doubt endless as you think of the needs of humanity.  Allow me to focus on three traditional questions that are associated with the date January 1.  The first question is, where am I going?  The second is what will happen?  Lastly we are often plagued with, will I make it through?  Each of these questions can bring “many mountains” into each individual life.  The result is often defeat through fear, giving up when discouraged and in the end a pulling away from the one to whom we should cling. Read and reread Psalm 27, and you will see God’s resourcefulness and His ability to meet every need.  Look with me at the answer to each of the questions above.

My wife and I pray in the New Year. Yes, we stay up past midnight.  We want to end the old year with God and most assuredly begin the New Year with Him.  These first few moments start us on the right path for the year’s journey.  God is our light for the path. Ps.27:1 – His light, the Word, will guide you by day and by night. Read the verse as it tells us we need not fear.  In His will, we know where we are going.  I do not need to know all the answers because God is in control for all of 2016.

What will happen in 2016? I do not know, but this I do know – God will deliver me from the enemy. Ps. 27:2.  In that wonderful verse Ps. 18:2, God is listed as “my rock, and my fortress and my deliverer, my God and my strength.”  That is plenty for 2016; but if you need more, read the rest of the verse.  He is even more.  If allowed, He will be your everything!!

Lastly, how will I make it? I believe I have already answered that question.  Look with me to verse seven which says, “Hear, O Lord when I cry with my voice. “  Here is your promise for the really rough times. When a mountain looms like the “Rockies” before you, Cry unto the God of heaven.  He will hear, and He will answer and deliver.  This promise and more is for you, child of God, in 2016.

If you are not yet His child by the New Birth, you can cry out to Him to be saved. God be merciful to me and save me, when prayed from a repentant heart (Luke 18:13-14). Start the New Year as His child. Let us help you with this life changing decision (757-424-4673).


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