A Great Best Friend

Cracker Jacks with Tom Bell '13The Lord has given me a great best friend who spent ten years in the Navy.

He was in World War II and the Korean Conflict.  He served in both the

Atlantic and the Pacific theaters of operations.


He is now 91 years old, and my family and I still enjoy visiting him in his

home and talking about old times.  Sometimes I take some of my WW II

history books or nautical books to his house and have him autograph them.

Many times I have studied my large pilot’s book and asked him questions

especially from the glossary.


Of course, many seaman’s terms start with the letter “a”:  abeam, abaft,

aft, etc.  As an evangelist, I have discovered that I can make use of the

term “avast.”  The example in the pilot’s book is “Avast heaving!”  To a

sailor, avast means to stop.  What a great object lesson this makes to hold

up a sign that simply says AVAST and then share two or three Bible verses

where the Lord encourages or commands us to STOP doing something.


God wants us to stop worrying, stop thinking wrong thoughts, stop lying,

stop hating things and people that we should love, stop looking at evil

things, and stop listening to wicked or ungodly speech.  There is literally

“A VAST” amount of things that the Lord wants us to stop doing.  We should

AVAST them all for His glory.


This picture above was taken in my friend’s living room where we often

discuss the Navy, WW II, and biblical truths.  The cover is from WW II.

The blouse is from a friend at Tabernacle.  The outfit is just for

Christian drama in churches, schools, and camps.




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