God Is at Hand

untitledJeremiah 23:21-30

God is the only true Authority.   God has the right to preach and minister to His people.  There are many who will substitute the world’s methods and ignore or mock God’s Plan.  The world’s methods do not stand up under God’s scrutiny.  God is present everywhere (omniscient) and sees what man attempts to hide.  No matter what their sins were, the Lord saw every wicked action.  God hears the claim that they speak in His name and receive messages (dreams) from Him.  The Lord knows all about the errors of those who are false prophets.

The world has the popular message of making it easy for people to be religious and still follow the sinful actions of the world. God sees right through the error.  He presents Himself for Who He is. (Jeremiah 23:23-24)  He is able to deliver and is right there to meet the need for repentance and give the peace that only He can absolutely give.  He is the only true Authority, and He can get to the heart of the need and meet it.

God knows that the world’s false methods and messages turn the people away from God and attach the people to themselves instead of the Holy Word God. They refuse to obey Gods Commandments and live sinful lives.

The messages of the false leaders did not come from the same source as the message from the true prophets of God. The false leaders teach dreams from their own minds.  This message will not feed the people what they need.  The Word of God is like fire that purifies and cleanses the human heart. God’s Word is like a hammer that breaks the hard rock of the human heart, stirring people to confess and repent of their sins.  They needed to turn from the wickedness and follow God’s way in their actions which should come from a cleansed heart and mind.


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